How to turn a Secret into an Island by MR. DROBOT

Ever wonder what it’d be like to be a part of a revolutionary expedition to a destination that seems inhabitable? I don’t mean another “planet” like Mars or the Moon that have become laughingly possible in the minds of many due to science fiction programming. I’m talking about land that exists outside of the sun’s localized heat during it’s path in the Tropic of Capricorn. I’m talking about Antarctica.

Antartica’s been revered for years as an icy Wonderland. A place where only the intellectually prepared and highly skilled can adapt and survive. Even polar bears supposedly have it rough there. Full of natural resources and lacking in consumer activity, Antarctica exists mostly through word of mouth, or experienced by wealthy tourists corralled by military enforcement. This is because of ridiculously high tourist costs and an ongoing Antarctic treaty that’s been in effect ever since December 1st, 1959.

While technology wasn’t up to speed yet in 1959, following the treaty came multiple operations to mentally sway people into thinking about expanding vertically instead of horizontally. The slew of sci-fi propaganda and the fresh creation of NASA (July 29th, 1958) was needed in order to direct the international and cultural narrative. The thought of aliens from another galaxy became mainstream, since Roswell in 1947 had already swept the nation as a cover-up for a UFO crash. Instead of being scared of another country invading, families started to speculate whether alien abductions could happen. When in reality local military was already conducting experiments with conventional weather balloons. If people only knew…


The Flat Earth Lexicon or Flexicon by Dumpsterbinbandit

FLEXICON: Flat Earth Lexicon.

CURVERT: A person who deliberately distorts the flat horizon.

TIP OF THE BEAK: Of primary importance to flat earth.

UNFLAPPABLE: Unperturbed by detractors.

PURPLE PILLERS: Gate keeper/not fully awakened person.

Blue Wrench: An item awarded to knighted penguins of the infinite plane.

FEPE: Flat Earth People Everywhere. Most often represented visually by a meme-think illustration of an emperor penguin named FEPE.

GLOBIE: A spinning ball earth believer.

CONSPHERECY: The heliocentric big bang deception perpetuated by psychopaths.

J-Triggs: gov’t paid trolls of the worst order.

CHAT RAID: A flat earth truth intervention.

33rd° PENGUIN: An individual at the tip of the beak among a 1000 beaks of light with the knowledge to overthrow all indoctrination without exception.

GLOBARRHEA: The slipshod spewing of arguments against flat earth that are completely devoid of critical thought or research into the flat earth model.

GLOBITIS: Disease acquired in a child’s younger years during the globe hoax era. The disease is contracted by being consistently presented with the false globe model as reality. In example, the spinning globes in classrooms, or the Universal Pictures logo presented before a motion picture. The only cure for this disease, is FLAT-ITIS, a contagious cure.

Thousand Beaks of Light: Group action typically organized at the Tip of the Beak.

Flat Power: A realignment of the Black Power symbol and phonic resonance put forward by Bro Sanchez. Often represented as #FLATPOWER and/or #FLATPANTHERS.

Fepetology: The study of the reality of the flat earth.

Fidget Spinners: A term to describe a very gullible person who is clearly sensory confused into actually trying to explain or suggest they feel the earth spinning.

Lemming: a person who have been programmed to believe that a vertical drop or edge at the end of earth would have to exist, so ships will inevitably fall off a flat earth in their mind. Alternatively, it also depicts a person who has done very little to absolutely no research on the subject.

Ballieve and Ballief – A dogmatic viewpoint which denies reality and physical laws by accepting liquid water can stick to the exterior of a ball or spherical object. Usage: You do NOT know, you Ballieve!


There are real journalists left on flat earth…

An article put out by Newspaper Philly Voice by writer Brian Hickey deserves a look…Our billboard made the news again.

They’re behind an electronic billboard along I-76 in Philadelphia’s Grays Ferry neighborhood with a simple three-word message that doubles as a polite request: “Research Flat Earth.”

“Looking to raise awareness on the flat earth,” read the pitch on the “Flat Earth Billboard Philly Airport” GoFundMe mission that raised the requisite $900 within 16 days in late May. “The support is most appreciated :)”

Thanks to that money, the group’s message has been played about seven miles from Philadelphia International Airport nearly 10,000 times since early last week.


Flat Earth Origin Of Life by Lorenz Kraus

Flat earth keeps on rolling.

NBA star Kyrie Irving launched this recent round. Infowars was forced to address it in a discussion between Eddie Bravo and Owen Shroyer. One could see Shroyer’s instinct to be a battered wife. No matter what lies NASA tells, some people will come back for more. Flag-wavers tend to see the US government as their ally. Has Trump passed even one law in his first 100 days? He has the Senate and House. He is a historic bust.
Regardless, Shaquille O’Neil has laid down the law. “The earth is flat.”

It is worth understanding how a fringe idea came into the mainstream and now attains conviction. That is what makes flat earth exciting. It is a study in persuasion—the efforts of a few to properly address objections, have patience, keep on moving, to break out and to win, a majority. I’m happy to be a part of it.

With Shaq bringing up the issue, now is a good time to offer my thesis on the origin of life.

The Origin of Life on a Flat Earth

Life, being a natural phenomenon, deserves a natural explanation.

Indeed, the generation of life makes a lot more sense on a flat earth. You don’t need Darwinism, which takes a miracle single-cell as a given; and you don’t Big Bang, or Panspermia. Panspermia says life came to earth from outer space. “Serious” scientists believe that. That begs the question, how does life start, wherever, it came from?

If life starts once, it should start in multitudes; otherwise it is a one-shot miracle. There are many volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. These natural processes happen by the many.
The generation of life should happen by the many, as well.

Let’s lay it out.

1. The earth is flat, with electromagnetic blankets above the earth, which power the sun and stars.

2. The Moon and Stars are some 100 miles above the earth. (They create artificial stars now with lasers.)

3. Stars focus and discharge electromagnetic energy to stabilize and equalize the energy running through the blankets.

4. Stars—plasma formations—provide a constant discharge. Lightning bolts don’t. This is key.

5. Since stars are close, local to, and in the atmosphere, stars have access to oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon, via the gases of the atmosphere.

6. With a constant plasma discharge, stars can create all amino acids for life to exist.
Long story short, we live in a (dome-free) “flask.” (Bible-earthers believe we are trapped in a dome.)

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by Mr. Drobot

Despite current popular belief, new research has finally proven that what we consider to be “planets” are nothing more than luminaries. Just like the original name that was given to them, they are intricately timed stars that are impossible to walk on. While this evidence may have been around for decades if not centuries with the notion that Earth is the only habitable land, amateur astronomists recently made this rediscovery with the help of the almighty Nikon P900. Equipped with one of the best optical zooms featured in a consumer camera, videographers all over the massive plane have started tracking the skies and recording phenomenons that were only described using an artists rendition or a computer generated image composite created by NASA previously. For those scratching their heads already, this video link will help differentiate how NASA sells the idea of Mars compared to it’s true nature in reality. (YouTube: Mars P900)


Back When They Thought The Earth Was A Spinning Ball by TDP

Back When They Thought The Earth Was A Spinning Ball
by: TDP

Back when they thought the earth was a spinning ball, people trusted their world governments to tell them what was best. What to eat, what to drink and what medicines to take were all dictated by government organizations. Interestingly enough, around the time when they still thought the earth was a spinning ball, these world governments had an ongoing depopulation agenda, mainly as a means to retain power through the ages. Unbelievably, some members of society would willingly let their governments penetrate their skin with needles as a preemptive cure for sickness. Eventually, it became mandatory and it was required that if you wanted to go to a government learning center, which would now be referred to as an indoctrination camp, you needed to have multiple under the skin needle injections with what was eventually found to be concoctions of heavy metals.

During the spinning ball era, now known as the Era of Globeitis, or EOG, endless war was very commonplace. False flag operations, where world government’s would commit a terrorist attack and blame it on a particular group to further an agenda, were a normal everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until some time until the citizens of the world governments actually became aware of what was transpiring.

World Governments of the EOG had tricked the populace into believing that they were going into what they called “Space.” Citizens in the EOG were told that if they continued upward into the sky, they would eventually experience weightlessness or as they called it at the time, Zero-G. The G in Zero-G stood for a mythical force known as Gravity in which the citizens were taught about in the indoctrination camps. The mythical notion of Gravity was introduced into society as an explanation for why they weren’t flying off the supposed spinning ball earth model they were presented with. The citizens of the EOG would pay the government’s on a yearly basis to explore this idea of “Space” and run “scientific experiments” in “Zero-G” for the betterment of mankind. Unfortunately, only about 5% of the citizenry were able to decipher the fraud due to the heavy abuse perpetrated on the culture using the indoctrination camps.

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