How to turn a Secret into an Island by MR. DROBOT

How to turn a Secret into an Island by MR. DROBOT

Ever wonder what it’d be like to be a part of a revolutionary expedition to a destination that seems inhabitable? I don’t mean another “planet” like Mars or the Moon that have become laughingly possible in the minds of many due to science fiction programming. I’m talking about land that exists outside of the sun’s localized heat during it’s path in the Tropic of Capricorn. I’m talking about Antarctica.

Antartica’s been revered for years as an icy Wonderland. A place where only the intellectually prepared and highly skilled can adapt and survive. Even polar bears supposedly have it rough there. Full of natural resources and lacking in consumer activity, Antarctica exists mostly through word of mouth, or experienced by wealthy tourists corralled by military enforcement. This is because of ridiculously high tourist costs and an ongoing Antarctic treaty that’s been in effect ever since December 1st, 1959.

While technology wasn’t up to speed yet in 1959, following the treaty came multiple operations to mentally sway people into thinking about expanding vertically instead of horizontally. The slew of sci-fi propaganda and the fresh creation of NASA (July 29th, 1958) was needed in order to direct the international and cultural narrative. The thought of aliens from another galaxy became mainstream, since Roswell in 1947 had already swept the nation as a cover-up for a UFO crash. Instead of being scared of another country invading, families started to speculate whether alien abductions could happen. When in reality local military was already conducting experiments with conventional weather balloons. If people only knew…