Globebusters gets Whitsitt!

Globebusters gets Whitsitt!

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  1. You are a total joke. I have never seen a more uneducated fool in my life. Your YouTube posts show your abject ignorance of basic science, as well as advanced subjects such as geometry, geophysics, astrophysics, earth science as well as mathematics. Not one of your videos came close to proving your theory that the earth is flat, all they are doing is again showing off your abject ignorance and lack of education. Also your assertion that no one is allowed to visit the Antarctic is fiction, I have been there several times. During my time in the US Coast Guard we made yearly ice breaking and resupply trips there, also there is no “fleet” guarding the Antarctic the sheer number of ships and personal needed for such a task is huge, and no way that no one involved would not have talked by now. You and the rest of the flat earthtards are a huge mass of uneducated fools. My advice to you all is simple, get an education. BTW fool, I have 3MS degrees and am educated, unlike you. I could go on and on about your flat earthtards and disprove everything you believe, debunk your “model” and so on, but you are far too dumb to understand such things and wish to be willfully ignorant.


  2. Here’s a question for you, please explain. As we all know (those that know the earth is a globe) true North is 0 degrees true, East is 90 degrees true, West is 270 degrees true, and South is 180 degrees true. Based on your flat earth model there is NO true south, also there would be no true North, East or west, so how can anyone navigate? Also based on your model there would be no magnetic south, thus making a compass a useless objects. But fact is there is a magnetic and true North and south, thus making navigation possible. Again pleas explain

    • I’ll take a stab at this.

      Why do you assume there is no true South? I implore you to go and pickup a circular magnet at Radioshack because it’s design depicts exactly what is going on in our realm today. The center of the magnet is true north. Every direction pointing away from the center of that magnet is south.

      • That would be not only incorrect but also impossible. Based on your flat earth model there can ne NO true south or magnetic south. Or are you saying the entire so called ice wall is south. Example, one wants to travel to the north pole using only a compass, by following said compass one would end up at the magnetic north pole, but on the other hand if one wanted to travel to the south poll, no compass would be needed all one would have to do is just use the compass and travel the reverse direction of north in any direction, so one could end up “south” of South America, or Australia, or just in the middle of an ocean. because based on your flat earth model there is no real true south because south would be the entire edge of your model

    • To expand on this question. If your model is correct a plane flying at 35,000 feet would heat up, the radiant heat from the sun would expose the plane to high levels of heat making such a flight uncomfortable to say the least, but the fact is out sun is about 150 million kilometers away from earth, and another real fact is this, temperature changes approximately 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit per 1000 feet. So again your model can’t be correct, because the sun being 3,000, to 5,000 would make earth unlivable due to heat.