IPS & Subtle Infinity Discussion – Flat Earth & The Media

IPS & Subtle Infinity Discussion – Flat Earth & The Media | Roots, Deception & The Human Story

This was yesterday’s live stream discussion with IPS where we started out speaking on the relationship between Flat Earth and the Mainstream Media and went from there into the Human Story.

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[PODCAST] Crrow777 – Episode 63 – NEWS

News is the dominant social force of our time that shapes much of our world. Unfortunately nearly all news is owned by very few entities and ridden with false narratives, agenda and flat out fabrications. Turn off the news or get your mind dragged north, east, west & south to a destination that does not exist ensuring your fantasy based existence.

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Finding the Curve – Episode 1 by Einar Kuusk

This is a great documentary. Filmmaker Einar Kuusk was woken up to the flat earth during a Twitch raid where someone donated to him and posted flat earth videos like 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball by Eric Dubay. He had the ability to break through the spell and discern the true reality of his nature. In this multi-episode documentary, he encounters what we all had to encounter, the cognitive dissonance of our peers and their disbelief that we could be so stupid to think the earth is flat. The problem is, like all of us who discovered our true reality, we can’t un-see what we have seen. Enjoy!

My life was recently shaken to the core by the notion that the world might actually be flat and motionless. I kept rejecting this idea for some time before finally realizing that there is undeniable mathematical and physical proof that our world as we know it is not a ball spinning in space. As a filmmaker, I found myself in the midst of the greatest story untold – the story of humans waking up to the fact that they have no idea where they live. I will begin this story in a safe haven for people whose lives have been shaken one way or another and turned them into outcasts of society – a cheap hostel in North Hollywood, California…

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