Stephen Hawking Mandela Effect | When did he die?

Stephen Hawking Mandela Effect | When did he die?

I thought Stephen Hawking died last year in 2017 but apparently I am wrong because he just recently passed away. Is this a memory that anyone else has? Do you remember Stephen Hawking dying in a different year than 2018? Is this a new Mandela Effect? Maybe I smoke too much weed. Haha

  1. Hiya,
    Yes, I remember Stephen Hawking dying a year or two before he ‘did’, I don’t remember when exactly, but I remember it was big news and his book, A Brief History of Time, hit the bestseller lists again.
    I was very surprised to hear he was still alive.
    Further, I came across a conspiracynsomewhere, that was saying that in later life the realnProfessor Hawking had been replaced by an impostor, because they didn’t like his theories and as they could easily drug and speak for him, this is what they did, to maintain the scientific status quo, ties into the flat earth movement.
    I am personally inclined to believe it, because the photos of him show his face is close but not the same, wider set, and howncome he was smiling all the time when he had no voluntary muscle control?
    Daniella Stewart