Flat Earthers lurking among us.

Flat Earthers lurking among us.

You would be really surprised how many flat earthers are close by and you have no idea. A few things happened to me in the past year since I found out the earth was flat that really showed me that there are many more flat earthers in the midst than meets the eye. I’m not sure about others, but when I was slapped with the truth of the flat earth and it all clicked, I felt the need to tell everyone. As I should have expected, I got a lot of “your crazy” comments and rolled eyes. But, there were a few instances that really surprised me along my travels.

I was speaking the truth of the flat earth to a gentlemen who was housemates with my best friend, let’s call him Steve. This guy was way to smart for his own good. Steve laughed at me and then mocked me even though I had more proofs that the earth was flat than he did that the earth was a spinning ball. While we were talking, another housemate of theirs just got home from work. So Steve turns to this other housemate and says “Hey, what shape do you think the Earth is? He thinks its flat.”, pointing at me with a shit eating grin on his face. The guy looks at him, pauses for a few seconds and says, “The Earth is flat as a pancake.” in what I can only describe as a sweet Caribbean island accent. BOOOOOM. Steve was taken aback. Had to send his ass back in the house to watch some more NASA videos.

Another interesting moment I had was at a Barnes and Noble. My best friend and I would shoot the shit and drink coffee and talk conspiracy and worldly on goings at the cafe inside. He at the time wasn’t on board yet with flat earth truth so much of our discussion was on this topic. So before we leave, I go to pay for my books and to joke around with my friend I said to the clerk, “Can you believe this guy thinks the earth is flat?! These flat earthers are taking over.”, in a mocking fashion. The clerk starts laughing like it’s the most crazy shit he has every heard. All of a sudden, right behind me, I hear “That’s right, we are taking over. The earth IS flat!” It was a 60 year old man with his wife who just played me out. I was quite embarrassed seeing as I was a flat earther and the guy just heard me messing with my friend for thinking the earth was flat. I extended my hand for a pound and the 60 year old man gave me a pound, smiled and I walked away.

The point is, there are more of us out there than you think and the amount of us are growing exponentially. Because we have truth on our side, flat earth reality is spreading like wildfire. We would love to hear any stories you would like to share about your experiences with others and flat earth reality. If you would like to contribute, please contact us. We are looking for writers, artists, musicians, editors and content creators in general.