How to wake up your friends without sounding crazy…

How to wake up your friends without sounding crazy…

Our world is in a state of utter catastrophe and the human species is speeding madly toward disaster that could be the end of us. The world is ruled by a shadow financial elite who practice Satanism, black magic, and pedophilia. They may be controlled by non-human entities who may or may not have been on the planet for the last 10,000 years. Almost every facet of our society is geared towards making people unhappy and miserable but we all continue on because most people are ignorant of all this and quite frankly don’t know any better. They think this is the world and we just gotta deal with it.

Of course if you try tell this to people that have no knowledge of it you sound insane. Satanic politicians? The financial elite are dark wizards? Reptilians enslave the human race? You’ve been smoking too much, mate. You’ve got to do it slowly, because the reality of the world we live in is so different from the conventional notion of it that anything less than a gradual awakening is going to be met with dismissal.

So I’ve compiled a list of documentaries that will gradually show someone the facade of our society. It doesn’t go through everything, not even close, but it should awaken in them the notion that things aren’t what they seem. Once that happens most people will start to do their own research, wake up others, etc. This is by no means definitive but it’s a good place to get started:

Requiem for the American Dream (2015) – Say what you want about Chomsky but he has been on of the most respected academics of the last 50 years. This documentary states in very simple and easy to understand terms how business and government are essentially the same beast with the same people running both. It’s very academic and there are few rational people who would dismiss it. It’s also available on Netflix which gives it mainstream credibility to people. It’s a good place to start off.

The Century of the Self (2002) – Keeping with an opening theme of credibility, this BBC documentary series shows through historic record and psychology how our current world is and has been manipulated over the last 100 or so years into becoming the self-centered capitalist consumers we all now are. Very little embellishment, just facts. It’s also very hard to watch Edward Bernays drinking his espresso martinis like a smug piece of shit without getting mad at the whole situation.

Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick (2014) – Now that it’s been established that the wealthy pull the strings from behind the scenes and the general public is manipulatef by big business it’s time to show people the utter horror of how bad it gets. Learning that industrialists orchestrated the world wars purely to make money and then not only walked away scott-free, but also killed the one guy that tried to take them down, is pretty shocking.

Zeitgeist 1 & 2 (2007,2008) – What got me started personally. It’s one of the best for a reason, it very clearly shows how religion, the financial system and government is bullshit and there to control us.

Hypernormalisation (2016) – A more recent one that shows once again, the system as we know it is a complete fabrication designed to keep us all voting, consuming, and obeying without thinking about why we do any of it.

These are all a great start. They gradually, and more importantly, intellectually, show people that our society is not at all what we are taught it is, and that almost everything we are fed by those in power is bullshit used to keep them rich and in power. A suitably rational person upon watching these should be then more inclined to research further into things for themselves.