Back When They Thought The Earth Was A Spinning Ball by TDP

Back When They Thought The Earth Was A Spinning Ball by TDP

Back When They Thought The Earth Was A Spinning Ball
by: TDP

Back when they thought the earth was a spinning ball, people trusted their world governments to tell them what was best. What to eat, what to drink and what medicines to take were all dictated by government organizations. Interestingly enough, around the time when they still thought the earth was a spinning ball, these world governments had an ongoing depopulation agenda, mainly as a means to retain power through the ages. Unbelievably, some members of society would willingly let their governments penetrate their skin with needles as a preemptive cure for sickness. Eventually, it became mandatory and it was required that if you wanted to go to a government learning center, which would now be referred to as an indoctrination camp, you needed to have multiple under the skin needle injections with what was eventually found to be concoctions of heavy metals.

During the spinning ball era, now known as the Era of Globeitis, or EOG, endless war was very commonplace. False flag operations, where world government’s would commit a terrorist attack and blame it on a particular group to further an agenda, were a normal everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until some time until the citizens of the world governments actually became aware of what was transpiring.

World Governments of the EOG had tricked the populace into believing that they were going into what they called “Space.” Citizens in the EOG were told that if they continued upward into the sky, they would eventually experience weightlessness or as they called it at the time, Zero-G. The G in Zero-G stood for a mythical force known as Gravity in which the citizens were taught about in the indoctrination camps. The mythical notion of Gravity was introduced into society as an explanation for why they weren’t flying off the supposed spinning ball earth model they were presented with. The citizens of the EOG would pay the government’s on a yearly basis to explore this idea of “Space” and run “scientific experiments” in “Zero-G” for the betterment of mankind. Unfortunately, only about 5% of the citizenry were able to decipher the fraud due to the heavy abuse perpetrated on the culture using the indoctrination camps.

One of the problems that the Government’s of the EOG would run into when deceiving their citizenry, was that the technology being used to deceive was still in it’s infancy stage. Digital media analysis would eventually prove to the masses that the weightlessness that was supposedly being achieved in “Space” was not from the mythical force “Gravity” taught to them in the indoctrination camp, but actually done using what we would consider now as rudimentary three dimensional modeling techniques. The deceptive government agents would pass weightless three dimensional objects back and forth to each other, such as microphones and hats, portraying the illusion of weightlessness. The agents would also achieve the illusion of weightlessness with their own bodies, by using harnesses which were digitally removed from the scene using a rudimentary green screen technology popular in the EOG.

It is a guilty pleasure of mine to go back into the old era archives and look at the space craft in “Space.” If you pay attention, you can see underwater bubbles rising from the craft showing that the agents are in fact, not in “space”, but achieving weightlessness in a dark tank of water on a cinematic set. They used to build giant models of scientific work stations underwater. I use the term scientific loosely because as you have been taught in history class, this era’s government’s removed the Scientific Method in its entirety and relied mainly on consensus for scientific discoveries. One of the many issues with consensus was that most scientism papers produced during this age, were done by deceptive agents of the EOG. This is why during The Reformation of Fepe, most scientism papers were destroyed in the Great Burning and the re-learning process began again.