Emergency Help

Emergency Help

Humbly reaching out to the community for help. My wife was in a car accident this week. She was hurt pretty badly, but she’s going to be okay. The car that hit her didn’t have insurance, and since we do not have comp-collision on our policy, we’re going to have to pay the entire repair bill out of pocket.
Please help if you can. I don’t know what else to do but reach out to the community for support. Many thanks and God bless.

  1. Happy to hear that there’ll be no permanent injury to your wife. But “humbly reaching out”? Humbly??? I’ve had $1,000 ready to be paid for any valid FE evidence for ages. If you had any you could just get that. If you can be humble enough I’ll pay $50 if you will honestly take a look at any single one of your FE arguments. $100 if it passes just superficial investigation. Like the argument that Venus should not be seen. I’ll ask a few questions, you answer honestly and I’ll transfer $50.