Hijack a Microphone for the Flat Earth

Hijack a Microphone for the Flat Earth

I presume many of you might think at some point, have asked yourself the question, “What can I do to help?”. Everyone should be contributing to flat earth activism and be determined to tear down the walls of deception. After listening to an Infinite Plane Society live chat where he talked about going to an open mic night and his town hall speech, I had fallen asleep and had the most vivid dream

In the dream I walked into a Wal-Mart, during the height of business hours and dropped some major truth bombs on the unsuspecting masses using the in-store page intercom system. I had a script prepared which included classic NASA “hoax tells”, such as #BubblesInSpace. I believe in the dream I also memetically dropped the notion that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were 19th cousins. When I awoke I had to jot the idea down.

In most department stores, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc you will find phones hanging on the wall. These are used by different departments to communicate store wide. With a certain sequence of numbers, you can access the store-wide paging system and communicate to your audience.

I found a list of most department store intercom extensions here: http://www.textfiles.com/uploads/intercoms.txt

So I suggest you go in at busy hour, maybe Saturday or Sunday afternoon or after 5-7 on a weekday. If the time is right and you have your memetic warfare script prepared, go for it. I would suggest keeping your script to 30 seconds, so you can be in and out like a truth ninja. I recommend dropping the BubblesInSpace meme and most definitely point someone in the direction where they can get more information if they want truth. Just as Infinite Plane Society did in his Town Hall meeting video, you might want to sign out using a name that has some brand recognition. IPS used Mark Seargant, but anyone will some good introductory videos into the deception should do.

Even if you get one person to question the true nature of things, your operation has succeeded. Even if they laugh, the seed has been planted. For bonus points, film yourself doing it and we will promote the video. We can then trade ideas for scripts that work, and scripts that don’t work.

Here are a few sample scripts so you can get the idea:

Dear Best Buy Shoppers, you can get a discount on your items today by YouTubing “Bubbles in Space”. For your coupon code, watch the first video and present it to the salesperson.

Dear Wal-Mart shoppers, did you know there are no real photographs of the earth from space? All photographs presented for the last 50 years have been computer graphics and photo composites. Research BubblesInSpace. Sincerely, Mark Seargant.