Flat Earth Activism Presents Operation: Science Fiction NASA

Flat Earth Activism Presents Operation: Science Fiction NASA

We are always thinking up new ways to plant truth seeds into the public consciousness. A friend of mine brought up a great idea that I think we should all dive into. This operation involves your local bookstore. We feel the target should be Barnes and Noble as it is most notable and highly trafficked.

The objective is to raid the bookstore and slowly and methodically take all the NASA books from science section and move them into the science fiction section (or the New Teen Fiction section.) Since most Barnes and Noble stores have a StarBucks, you can combine this operation with a free coffee compliments of Infinite Plane Society.

Bring a friend with you, take about 5 books at a time and make the switch. These deceiving computer graphic junkies don’t deserve to be in the science section. Once you give all the NASA books their new rightful home in the science fiction section, take a picture of your work and send it in to us.

If you have extra time to kill, find all the Tesla books and put them where the NASA books used to be.

Before you leave, make sure you go to all the computer search consoles and leave the search box with the term “The Earth Is Flat.”