[ACTIVISM] Sending Out The Message by David

I got this email from a gentleman and thought I would post it.

A simple thing people can do to send out the FE message is to get your
junk mail and use the postage prepaid envelopes to include a message
of FE. It’s great because you don’t have to leave your house or even
pay a dime to send out the message. A human will open up that envelope
and read your message.

[TUTORIAL] How to create your own RESEARCH FLAT EARTH billboard and campaign!

I created this tutorial to show people how the RESEARCH FLAT EARTH billboard was created so that they can create their own. It’s a pretty simple process and I have laid out the steps in this video that I used to create the RESEARCH FLAT EARTH billboard seen on CBS. If you need a high-res version of the RESEARCH FLAT EARTH graphic I designed, please contact me.

RESEARCH FLAT EARTH Billboard Featured On CBS News :)

This all started as a think tank in an Infinite Plane Society live chat. We crowd sourced $1,000 in 2 hours. A few weeks later, we made the news.

Here is a link to the original GoFundMe:

Here is the survey we used to crowdsource a slogan for the billboard:

Big thanks to @gamesbond for his generous donation.

Big thanks to @infiniteplanesociety for the inspiration to create and his great job with the news interview.

We have more projects on the way, make sure to put some support into Operation FlatBox, The Daily Plane’s next awareness project.

The earth is FLAT. Get over it!


Introducing Operation: #FlatBox

From the crew that brought you the world’s first flat earth awareness billboard, we would like to introduce Operation #FlatBox. ( donate )

What is Operation FlatBox?

Operation FlatBox is another flat earth awareness project we are working on. It’s a small box that creates an offline wireless network designed for file sharing, chatting and media streaming. You can think of it as a portable offline  Internet in a box. When users join the FlatBox wireless network and open a web browser, they are automatically redirected to the FlatBox welcome page (flat earth content). Users can anonymously chat, post images or comments on the bulletin board, watch or listen to streaming media (flat earth media) and download files inside their web browser. Our aim is to give these boxes out to appropriate parties at the Flat Earth International Conference in November for maximum worldwide distribution. We can then have these boxes strategically placed in highly trafficked areas for public access.

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