My Flat Earth Awakening by Horizontal Horizons

I always been a searcher/thinker since a small child and fought my way through school to remain sane and true to my self. Always questioning and annoying my teachers and family.
in 1986 Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot by a “lone gunman” and that triggered my curious and suspicious mindset but I was still so far asleep back then that I could not connect any real dots but it grow on me over the years and when operation Desert Storm was all over the news I really started to research all kind of conspiracies and one thing led to another and 10 years later I had a pretty big puzzle but some pieces where missing.
A warm Autumn day in 2001 I walked over to a friend and his telly was on and it screamed out that the twin towers had just been attacked and after looking at the news for a few hours I knew the whole thing was just wrong. I thought it must be a false flag event and that it was an insider job.

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My Awakening – By Finis Mundi

Title: My Awakening
Author: Finis Mundi

I was born and grew up in a “Muslim” environment in France: the North-African immigration community. This community – and especially the Algerian community, due to recent historic reasons – has always been anti-“Jews”, so I was aware of the Holohoax when I was still a child.

In 2006, my brother, 3 years younger than me, gave me a DVD of ‘9/11 Mysteries’. This was the first shock. It made me realize, at that time, how far “They” could go. This made me enter the Conspiracy Forest. The Forest is dark and the conspiracy trees are big, with many branches.

One day in 2009, my brother and I were talking Illuminati stuff and he told me: “Have you heard of the ‘Yellow Book Number Five’?” I downloaded the book right away: the 9/11 tree is huge, but the Alien tree is much bigger, it doesn’t have an end. So many trees out there…

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Am I a Flat Earther? – By Cassandra

Title: Am I a Flat Earther?
Author: Cassandra

I have loved conspiracy theories and urban legends since forever. Even if not true, which, let’s face it, most of them aren’t, they are fascinating and interesting. UFO’s, lizard people, grassy knolls, I love it and eat it up. I shall gather all information, check it out as much as I can, draw my own conclusions; whereby I also must say, if you want a real education, read banned books (ie., books “scientists” say you should not read) – I am reminded of the line in Men in Black, Tabloids, they’re your best source of information, ha, ha!

So anyway. Being on Youtube and having it on autoplay, with my eclectic preferences, Youtube recommended and then played a video called Flat Earth Clues. This would be long after I had already decided –and spent decades on e-groups, websites, and social media, and even Letters to the Editor, exposing and refuting– “Scientism” was a deception – that I knew we were being lied to. I called Carl Sagan, Bill Nye and Richard Dawkins frauds long before FE community caught on.

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