My Flat Earth Awakening by Horizontal Horizons

My Flat Earth Awakening by Horizontal Horizons
I always been a searcher/thinker since a small child and fought my way through school to remain sane and true to my self. Always questioning and annoying my teachers and family.
in 1986 Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot by a “lone gunman” and that triggered my curious and suspicious mindset but I was still so far asleep back then that I could not connect any real dots but it grow on me over the years and when operation Desert Storm was all over the news I really started to research all kind of conspiracies and one thing led to another and 10 years later I had a pretty big puzzle but some pieces where missing.
A warm Autumn day in 2001 I walked over to a friend and his telly was on and it screamed out that the twin towers had just been attacked and after looking at the news for a few hours I knew the whole thing was just wrong. I thought it must be a false flag event and that it was an insider job.

I had learned to always ask my self: Who benefits? and it sure wasn’t the Arabs or the so called terrorist they claimed where behind it.
It started to dawn on me that what we where seeing here was something much bigger and much more sinister then I ever could have imagine.
Governments, news, Industrial leaders and religious leaders were all in the same pocket and they used every means possible to lie to us straight in our face every chance they got about everything, small or big news.
The puzzle grow exponential after that event.
All this time I had also been studying shamanism, healing and other esoterica and traveled the world searching knowledge. I met many native elders, wise men, shamans and monks and learned a lot about our history,our mind and our inner self but never did I question my self why all the natives and spiritual people believed in a flat cosmology. I just thought it was their way to explain what they only could see from our perspective but nowadays we had NASA who, even though they faked the moon landing, at least gave us images of our round earth floating in an endless space. Right?……..
Normal life also happened, having my own child, work friends and family etc, etc. But the puzzle was always there in the back of my mind. 
A night late in 2015,  I clicked Math Powerland’s stand up comedy about photos in space or something like that. I sat there and watch the same ol same ol pics from space and even laughing out loud when he said something about the world being flat. ( I actually stopped the video and woke up my ex girlfriend and told her that some lunatic thought the earth was flat and we laughed and said: the last idiot is not yet born, so of course there will be someone thinking the earth is flat.)
When I went back and clicked start he then said something that changed the whole game. He said it was because no one had ever taken a real photo of our earth, that they where all CGI, and my mind just exploded. Kaaabaaam.
I researched everything I could get my hands on and went out and did my own experiments and took photos of the horizon while on airplanes. Awwwww Maaa Guuuuuud! The EARTH IS FLAT and the (now huge) puzzle was more or less completed and I have not laughed at that again. 
Now I instead laugh with joy, because I know deep inside my core that everything is alright with Mother Earth and Father Cosmos and that we will win this evil game. That the parasites have no chance, they are in a corner right now and it is more or less their death rattle that we see. The globe is stone dead as it never was a true,living object, Only a imaginary thing in our mind.
I have started to understand why I (for over 30 years) have collected this knowledge and wisdom  from all the natives and wise men and women I met and I know so much more now about what happens to us at 12-21-2012, The end of Tzolkin.
I have a lot to say about our reality and what is happening with us and our earth and might do a blog here or videos on YT.
Kind regards