Am I a Flat Earther? – By Cassandra

Am I a Flat Earther? – By Cassandra

Title: Am I a Flat Earther?
Author: Cassandra

I have loved conspiracy theories and urban legends since forever. Even if not true, which, let’s face it, most of them aren’t, they are fascinating and interesting. UFO’s, lizard people, grassy knolls, I love it and eat it up. I shall gather all information, check it out as much as I can, draw my own conclusions; whereby I also must say, if you want a real education, read banned books (ie., books “scientists” say you should not read) – I am reminded of the line in Men in Black, Tabloids, they’re your best source of information, ha, ha!

So anyway. Being on Youtube and having it on autoplay, with my eclectic preferences, Youtube recommended and then played a video called Flat Earth Clues. This would be long after I had already decided –and spent decades on e-groups, websites, and social media, and even Letters to the Editor, exposing and refuting– “Scientism” was a deception – that I knew we were being lied to. I called Carl Sagan, Bill Nye and Richard Dawkins frauds long before FE community caught on.

But when I watched these and other “FE conspiracy theory” videos – Jeranism, Rob Skiba, Mark Sargent’s interviews with pilots, surveyors, firing range instructors, etc., affirming, nope, never heard of calculating Coriolis effect, all our projects were on Flat plane, etc.– I would also read the comments. They’re the best part of “conspiracy theory”-vids, often containing good info and links to yet more about this or that.

And that is where I woke up. Because “Ball Earthers” reacted and spoke just exactly like Evolutionists did, when I’d point out real, actual, observable scientific facts that completely debunk their Darwinian shapeshifter crap. I thought by myself, Oh, FE hits *that* nerve, does it! And sure enough it did, as one FE video maker after another confessed, and started posting, that Evolution was bunk; that countless FE “converts” posted, it caused them to return to faith in God, to open their Bible and actually believe it. Like, wow. No conspiracy theory I had ever read (which would be pretty much all of them) has had that effect. I mean, how many people ever turned to the Bible following watching videos on JFK, lizard people, UFO’s, or 9/11?

Not only that; the people, just regular, normal people, have also just taken back Science – as in, we make observations using our senses, to prove things true or false – rather than rely on what authorities and the textbooks say, in blind trust that they surely must have figured it all out.

I seriously do not know what the true shape of our Earth is. All I know is, Flat Earth is an awakening; and finally, finally, after over almost 100 years of forceful indoctrination, with only the occasional Christian fundamentalist like Kent Hovind and other anti-Evolutionists as a Voice in the Desert, more and more people are not swallowing the lies any longer. God bless the FE. May you live long, and prosper.

P.S. Don’t anyone go after Dr. Hovind for not joining FE, he paved the way.