My Awakening – By Finis Mundi

My Awakening – By Finis Mundi

Title: My Awakening
Author: Finis Mundi

I was born and grew up in a “Muslim” environment in France: the North-African immigration community. This community – and especially the Algerian community, due to recent historic reasons – has always been anti-“Jews”, so I was aware of the Holohoax when I was still a child.

In 2006, my brother, 3 years younger than me, gave me a DVD of ‘9/11 Mysteries’. This was the first shock. It made me realize, at that time, how far “They” could go. This made me enter the Conspiracy Forest. The Forest is dark and the conspiracy trees are big, with many branches.

One day in 2009, my brother and I were talking Illuminati stuff and he told me: “Have you heard of the ‘Yellow Book Number Five’?” I downloaded the book right away: the 9/11 tree is huge, but the Alien tree is much bigger, it doesn’t have an end. So many trees out there…

9/11 inside job, JFK, Tonkin, Pearl Harbour, Holohoax, human trafficking, pedo-criminal networks, the War on drugs hoax, Big-Pharma, the bank and money creation scam, the French Revolution hoax, the collusion between politics and media, the cover-ups, Illuminati, Secret societies, Vril, Ancient Aliens, Aliens, Nibiru…, and other low hanging fruits or basic conspiracies. I wandered in the deep Forest for so many years, from 2006 to 2015. I even thought the world was ending in 2011 with a Nibiru event…

All rhythmed – especially between 2011 and 2014 – by the French “Dissidence 2.0”, which was (and still is now), I know it now, a controlled opposition psy-op with the Jesuit anti-Zionist “Jews” doctrine at the heart, led by the comedian Dieudonné or the ideological writer Alain Soral. I was totally into it: anti-Zionism, anti-money, anti-antiFa, anti-media and anti many things… It was easy when France’s politics and media landscape is clearly overrun by “Jews”, Masons or Zionist Goyim. I was not aware of the Jesuit importance though.

And the funny thing is that from 2008 to 2013, I was living in Rome, 50 meters from the Vatican city walls, Italy, having everyday a coffee on the roof looking at the Basilic; the funniest being when the Vatican contacted me to screen a movie for the Pope… But I digress.

So, in February 2014, living in Mexico, still wandering in the Forest, I was telling my girlfriend – who was not into conspiracies but always listening to my stories – that I was missing something. That I needed the last piece of the puzzle to understand the world. One week later, TV French program, a Saudi scholar appears on the screen and explain how the Earth can’t be a spinning globe and that it’s flat. We looked at each other and laughed. I even said “What a moron”. Then my girlfriend who is kinda Muslim, told me that she was dumb because she never could figure out how the sphere worked. And I was explaining to her how the atmosphere sticks to the surface due to Gravity… And I told her that since a few weeks, some Flat Earth vids were suggested by Youtube. “There are conspiracy people who think the earth is flat!”, I said to her.

So I was in the Forest, jumping from the Aliens tree, to the 9/11 and other hoaxes tree, to the Hollow Earth tree, via the Fomenko tree…, bored, missing something. I was seeing this big Flat Earth tree, so stupid, calling me. So… I clicked. Let’s see that shit. The first one was “Flat Earth 2013” by Jhenningkellogia. I couldn’t believe it. Cognitive dissonance. My ego was hurt. My senses woke up.It led me to Eric Dubay, Mark Sargent, My perspective, Jeranism… I did experiments. I knew the Earth was indeed flat.

You know the rest.

The Conspiracy Forest is a maze. In the Maze, there are lots of trees with lots of hanging fruits. In the center of the Maze, there’s the Flat Earth tree. There’s a door on that tree. That’s the door to the Rabbit Hole.