Introducing Operation: #FlatBox

Introducing Operation: #FlatBox

From the crew that brought you the world’s first flat earth awareness billboard, we would like to introduce Operation #FlatBox. ( donate )

What is Operation FlatBox?

Operation FlatBox is another flat earth awareness project we are working on. It’s a small box that creates an offline wireless network designed for file sharing, chatting and media streaming. You can think of it as a portable offline  Internet in a box. When users join the FlatBox wireless network and open a web browser, they are automatically redirected to the FlatBox welcome page (flat earth content). Users can anonymously chat, post images or comments on the bulletin board, watch or listen to streaming media (flat earth media) and download files inside their web browser. Our aim is to give these boxes out to appropriate parties at the Flat Earth International Conference in November for maximum worldwide distribution. We can then have these boxes strategically placed in highly trafficked areas for public access.

How would operation FlatBox work?

The idea would be to create many of these boxes and load them up with flat earth content. We would then disseminate the boxes in different highly trafficked areas around the world. The content would include powerful videos and pictures of undeniable evidence of the flat earth. Think, ODD’s A Strangers Guide to Flat Earth -21 Questions upon logging into the FlatBox WiFi with catalogs of other truth media available to be streamed and discussed on the box at that location.

Imagine going into a coffee shop and seeing an open WiFi connection available with the ID “Free Flat Earth Wifi” (We can vote later on the best ID for the WiFi connection that would peak someones interest.)

All these boxes require are a wall outlet to plug them in.  We are looking to operate these boxes next to popular coffee places, restaurants or places where groups of people hang out.

What are the costs involved?

  1. Raspberry Pi Wireless ($10)
  2. SD Card ($10)
  3. 5V micro USB power supply ($10)
  4. Case to enclose box ($7)

Estimate per box: $37

How many boxes should we create?

As many as possible. I think we should start off relatively small, then expand in the future. For this campaign lets aim for 20 boxes. It will be interesting to gauge the activity on the boxes after they have been in the wild for a week or a month.

How do we distribute the boxes for maximum exposure?

At first I was thinking we ship the boxes out, but then I thought a better tactic would be to distribute the boxes out to the appropriate parties at the Flat Earth International Conference. It will save on shipping and we can have some quality control on who is receiving the boxes and where they will be going.

What’s the goal?

For 50 boxes: $740
With the cut to GoFundMe, the project will cost about: $780
FlatBox will be designed and operational before November 2017, the date of the FEI Conference.

A video will be made of the prototype in a few weeks time.

Let’s get it started shall we? DONATE HERE

Operational FlatBox brought to you by The Flat Earth Associated Press and The Infinite Plane Society…

…and each and every contributor to the project.

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