4,519 miles and No Curve by Paul On The Plane

4,519 miles and No Curve by Paul On The Plane

This is a raw unedited version after a week of experiments getting ready for the flights. Once I get back, I’ll put together a more well-rounded video documentation of the findings showing all the equipment tests and evidence that if we live in a globe, the bubble level would not be centered when i arrived in Dublin. But I couldn’t wait to post my results. Landed this morning after flying all night and guess what???

NO CURVE! I flew more than 4,519 miles and not a single inch of curvature was found. Globe debunked. Check mate heliocentricism!

I submit this to the scientific community. I expect to see a lot of people calling this stupid and dumb and saying the equipment won’t work like that, etc. To them I say check out the six videos I published of the pre-flight experiments proving the equipment would register a change in orientation if we lived on a globe. But we don’t – and this proves it.

If you wish to debunk this, you’ll need to duplicate my experiment and document and publish it showing different results and evidence that your new position and equipment has changed due to curvature. Good luck!