[INTERVIEW] Interview with a FLAT EARTHER commercial pilot.

[INTERVIEW] Interview with a FLAT EARTHER commercial pilot.

An amazing interview with a FLAT EARTHER International Commercial Pilot. YES, pilots know some things aren’t quite right as they ought to be on a globe model. Yes, New Zealand pilots CAN’T ask questions or are just TOO SCARED to ask them. This and MUCH MORE.


  1. with more than 30+ years of military and commercial flying, as an airline pilot i have professionally flown from SFO to MIA, departing apx. 11p, (too) many times; what we at Delta called the “Red-eye Special” specifically BECAUSE we arrived in MIA after an entire work cycle in the dark just as the sun was rising, landing east on runway 9, directly into that blazing fireball mirrored in the water beyond…

    in all my years of professional flying i have NEVER seen “a sun in the east as the one behind me was setting.” i call total bullshit on this! ?

    and while it’s true commercial airline pilots agree not to speak on company matters to the press, but to refer inquires to them instead to company or union reps, is normal responsible business practice. ie., a pilot of a major carrier might comment his opinion of an accident w/o realizing he is being used as an authority tool by the media for an agenda.
    I wore a Delta uniform for 30 years; i would NEVER demean it by appearing for an interview on this subject in it and have my face masked in a’sinister’ gimmick like this, which is neither pilot-worthy or even manly! i hope the company DOES find out who he is; he is extremely unprofessional.
    guy gives you 90% facts, but also shits a little in the punchbowl, my advice; don’t drink the punch… ?

    i’ve been a “flat-earther” for 2 years now… ?