Confusion in the Cosmos (REVIEW & OVERVIEW)

Confusion in the Cosmos (REVIEW & OVERVIEW)

For online orders: Confusion in the Cosmos: Decoding the Deception
(1): Stephano, Miguel: 9781543996159: Books

This short video is my personal, unadulterated review and overview of CONFUSION IN THE COSMOS, by Miguel Stefano. While I have made the entire book available in audio-book format, for free, this review is intended to help people considering purchasing FLAT EARTH MATERIALS they can use to "break the ice" or help show their friends and family the truth about FLAT EARTH.
While this particular book will probably not go very far for an atheist, or someone who’s not a Christian, in my opinion it is an essential, effective tool to help our christian friends and family who refuse to listen to you about FLAT EARTH revelation — maybe they’ll listen to the BIBLE!
Confusion in the Cosmos entails dozens of well researched, documented and referenced biblical scriptures which clearly describe the worlds in terms of a STATIONARY PLANE, not a spinning ball.
While this book isn’t intended to cover the geometric, physical arguments for FLAT EARTH, it certainly does a great job focusing on the biblical / scriptural support for the FLAT EARTH REVELATION.
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