NASA NEWS w/ Jon TheMorgile ~ 5-17-2024

NASA NEWS w/ Jon TheMorgile ~ 5-17-2024

Welcome to a new "NASA News w/ Jon TheMorgile" !!!
In today’s episode we discuss a few items from the mainstream space-aged lies and propaganda. A recent lawsuit between RocketDyne, Valve-Tech, NASA and spacex was litigated. These bloodsucking space corporations (which appear to be money laundering operations) show the world that human lives are still most important — unless they’re astronauts.
Also, a new Plasma Pulse Rocket is sure to get our lying freemasons to Mars in a fraction of the time as the old and outdated rocket types, (none of which could actually work in a vacuum, proving the entire notion of space "flight" as preposterous nonsense.
Finally, as Spacex Teeters on the edge of the chapter eleven ABYSS, they sure do have some sharp looking lie-mobiles and "Extra-Vehicular Attire", (If you know what I mean).
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