3 Poems by Dahntay Jones

Gravity of Evil

  1. Instead of saving me a seat 
  2. Some people save they cells a seat 
  3. Not theyselves, they cells!
  4. False media’s deleting ya’ 
  5. Know your roots! That’s a meteor meeting your 
  6. chances of receiving or retrieving this message
  7. This goes out to those who hear, but aren’t listening 
  8. To those full of fear to cerebrate like scary Asian parties due to truth anxiety, 
  9. Piety is last resort when one re-“sorts” one’s resorts prioritizing vanity,
  10. misunderstanding the gravity of its evil 
  11. Keep pressing on the social media needle 
  12. It’s addicting like speed or cocaina
  13. Can’t get away, like the CIA from Syria
  14. Hold up a globe it’s your mind control insignia
  15. “Hold up, whoa! Please tell me you’re not serious…”

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