3 Poems by Dahntay Jones

3 Poems by Dahntay Jones

Gravity of Evil

  1. Instead of saving me a seat 
  2. Some people save they cells a seat 
  3. Not theyselves, they cells!
  4. False media’s deleting ya’ 
  5. Know your roots! That’s a meteor meeting your 
  6. chances of receiving or retrieving this message
  7. This goes out to those who hear, but aren’t listening 
  8. To those full of fear to cerebrate like scary Asian parties due to truth anxiety, 
  9. Piety is last resort when one re-“sorts” one’s resorts prioritizing vanity,
  10. misunderstanding the gravity of its evil 
  11. Keep pressing on the social media needle 
  12. It’s addicting like speed or cocaina
  13. Can’t get away, like the CIA from Syria
  14. Hold up a globe it’s your mind control insignia
  15. “Hold up, whoa! Please tell me you’re not serious…”

Stop Living on LaLa

  1. Box the box the system tries to box you in
  2. til your hands are tired and ship it to destination seabed like the titanic
  3. they’ll find out soon enough that their ship not only sailed but failed in crossing boundaries cause theyre bound to sea
  4. limited in limiting our limitlessness like eternity in time youll re-
  5. alize you got your hands around their wrists when they pull the wool over your eyes
  6. which is like forearms slit cause they walk you off cliffs and you fall to ignorance its suicide
  7. but its only you that dies and you didn’t decide to be crucified
  8. the blood is on their hands and they don’t give zip nada
  9. look at em grin haha it’s a joke like stigmata piñata, stop living on lala

Road of Denial

  1. Purportion distortion sick horse shit
  2. Piled upon miles upon miles up on the long road of denial
  3. All the while nihilism reigns supreme
  4. And reams of green streamlined to sheep
  5. to keep the breed demeaned
  6. Heed the warning
  7. Need for more bling
  8. Cause seeds to grow leaves
  9. ‘Cause trees do no thing
  10. But get turnt to more green
  11. Chato, collateral. Take your pick
  12. The shadow of a crooked arrow
  13. That took apparel from jack sparrow and left him in a barrel
  14. Tattle tells on itself
  15. But still you’ll wait til the malevolent not even slick stick pricks
  16. What a prick
  17. What a cheap trick
  18. Since you love your religion so much
  19. why don’t you grow a obelisk?
  20. The time’s come to get rid of the awful shtick