6 ~ “Listen to the OMEN” *BreakBeat REMIX* ~ DJ-Jon-e-Pie | JbadD 2017 |

6 ~ “Listen to the OMEN” *BreakBeat REMIX* ~ DJ-Jon-e-Pie | JbadD 2017 |

Funky Florida Breakz..
Original Mix by DJ-Jon-e-Pie
(Excerpt from Fl!pS!d3 REMIX)
"Listen to the OMEN"" *BreakBeat REMIX* © 2017 DJ-Jon-e-Pie | JBaDD |TheMorgile
Just a short excerpt from an original REMIX I put together awhile ago, called "flipside" can still be found in my "beats" playlist or HERE: https://youtu.be/nn5sX_HPlu0
I recently needed to grab some clips from the full-length track, as well as video clips from the accompanying Visuals tied to the track; so I figured I’d post up a few select tracks from my original breakbeat mash-up, "FLIPSIDE remix", since I haven’t heard these breakz in a while, and I figured I’d share them with ya’ll…
Indeed, Funky Breakz and Electro ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE, so if you are not fortunate enough to have acquired a taste for the funky-breakz, then I would suggest a mellow drink, a fat blunt and (of course) Pump the bass UP =- It’s got a funky beat, and you can BUG OUT TO IT!!
Ft:SANDMAN, Baby-Anne, Chem-Bros, Afx RDJ, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Kings of the CIty, DJ Icey, Huda Hudia, Rabbit in the Moon, Prodigy & 2Live Crew…
This particular track entails an original mix featuring: Rabbit in the Moon, Kings of the City,
If you enjoy the breakbeats, let me know by giving this video a THUMBS UP, share the link and leave a comment.. Might not be a bad idea to download, in case my channel is ever removed from the Platform(S)…
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