Well Researched Tribe Troll Zachary Hubbard Top of His Class Knows Earth is a Globe. Schools Me

Well Researched Tribe Troll Zachary Hubbard Top of His Class Knows Earth is a Globe. Schools Me

I was trying to listen to a podcast with Austin from the @Me11owDome as the guest and during the podcast, spazoid gematria number cruncher Zachary K. Hubbard showed up in chat to talk shit about Dave Weiss and Flat Earth. Guy is annoying and as I have shown lies about his sports picks. Obviously if you could correctly guess 6/10 sports matchups you’d be rich. Bet $1k per day on ten games. Win 6 lose 4, net $2k/day and $14k/week and be making $750k/yr. He goes 16-0 every week in the NFL using gematria. For some reason he doesn’t make enough betting sports so he also makes $30,000/mo on Patreon.

Anyway, he always talks shit about flat earth and yet he is one of the most unknowledgeable globe believers on YouTube. He sounds so dumb when he says shit like he is so sure of himself and is actually partially retarded. So, as he talked shit about Dave Weiss it reminded me of the time he came onb my show to school me about the globe. Enjoy the stupidity.

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