Understanding Eclipse FOR REAL. People For People Update.

Understanding Eclipse FOR REAL. People For People Update.

It is NOT the moon blocking the sun! “The moon is 70 Miles Wide” videos are to show that NASA’s model is a LIE! See video for a partial intro into magnetic interference at eclipse time. People for People (PeopleForPeople.Life) will hopefully be at least partially functional by this Friday 17th of March 2018. YOUR input is disired. Leave a comment on subjects you’d like covered AND/OR subjects you yourself might be able to assist with on the site.

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PeopleForPeople.life – going live 3/18/18 hopefully! Watch Channel “Sun and Moon Group“ this Friday at 4pm. Eastern. 1 pm PDT. For an early glimpse. Volunteers needed! If you can teach or contribute to the site in anyway or even just have ideas for what you’d like to see ththerelease let me know below.