“Till Your Balls Collapse” rapped by A.I. Eminem – A Parody with lyrics by me!

“Till Your Balls Collapse” rapped by A.I. Eminem – A Parody with lyrics by me!

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Lyrics "Till I Collapse"

Till the Dome comes off and the secrets out.
You can Scream and Shout but I won’t shut my mouth
Till the globe Fades out. Am I high perhaps
I’m a rip the s*** and watch the balls collapse.

Till I Collapse I’m exposing these rats
And their plans. Sniffed so much deception they call me Toucan Scam
Follow your nose, it always knows, the first place you should go
You can find Flat Earth Dave, where?
Deep inside the rabbit hole.
Globers tangled in Knots they’re a bit handicap.
They’re just jealous that we got the Flat Earth clock app.
Like a slap across the face. An immediate disgrace.
You blasphemed their religion by saying NASA fakes space.
Pure government corruption. In a wicked disguise
They stamp out rebellion and reward those that comply.
They manipulate the facts. Spreading lies through the media.
The Liberati of Snopes, Facebook and even Wikipedia
They lie like, a lot – and they’re not gonna stop
Is the earth spherical, or just another lie they be making up?
You aren’t spinning or flying through space. Yo globers listen up
Can’t see 25 trillion miles away. You dumb f****!
The story is tragic write it down. Don’t forget.
You’ll never go to space kid, and there’s no such thing as an orbit.
No Rover on Mars. No one is going to the Stars.
There’s no exoplanets. No satellites. No matter how much you think there are.
When it comes to outer space Forget as much s*** as you can.
Your former beliefs are over. Call me the globe earth hitman
You call us Flerfs we don’t care, don’t care cause we’re winning.
I got a list, List of winners winning since the beginning.
It goes Dubay, Sargeant and Powerland in Sin City.
Stars are souls. God rules and I came to bat in the 2nd inning.
With a big bat, hate me. I understand your penis Envy
with these good looks and what looks good the hate is never ending.
But I don’t give a f*** see, Cause nothing’s bothering me.
Even though P brain and Oakley’s can’t stop crying about me.
Shadow banned, delisted with every strike that they give me
Banned by PayPal, Venmo, Amazon y’all disgust me!
So since the very start I’ve been doing my part.
Hated by both sides yet. I age like fine art.
And it’s absurd how both sides twist my every word.
I wouldn’t dare expect the props I think I ever deserve.
But this earth ain’t curved. Like dark matter never observed.
They taught us all a lie and made sure some were well versed.
Oh globe heads, you think you’re so smart. Now watch your bubble burst.
They can’t see they have a faith that is coerced
My thoughts are sporadic. Your beliefs are automatic.
BiManDan has tattoos on him of men, uhhhh addict.
But I don’t want to go forth and back in debate battles
It’s clear to me you’re up globe creek without a paddle
So this is like a full flat smack I’m throwing at ’em
Say refraction or gravity again and Ima slap em.
Don’t give me that old line of why does earths shape even matter
It’ll change the world the day the globe lie is finally shattered.

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