TheMorgile ** !LIVE! ** (Static = Stationary)

TheMorgile ** !LIVE! ** (Static = Stationary)

Static??? (= Stationary) : P
A brief, impromptu live-stream to discuss some current events and conversations that have come my way recently. Also, a quick update related to my current research into our lost history pertaining to Australia (in general), and specifically Sydney.
Then, An unfortunate public response to the recent claims involving "upward moving Earth" lately employed by some FLERFERS to explain the downward vector (called "relative density" by flerfers and "gravity" by Globbers) that applies to objects and liquids (not gases) in reality, in a measurable, repeatable fashion.
This video isn’t intended to argue with anyone, but is strictly to state my opinion about this particular aspect of physical reality, based on the evidence available at the time. Grand claims require grand proofs.
Thanks in advance for your help. Times are very uncertain right now, so every bit of your prayers, support and positive encouragement are greatly appreciated. TheMorgile is viewer supported, and I could definitely use your help. For one-time or recurring contributions, go to: $themorgile


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