TheMorgile *Live Response* /(Not struggling to Understand)/

TheMorgile *Live Response* /(Not struggling to Understand)/

This will be a live video-response to the recent vid from our friends @beyondtheimaginarycurve7924 , so be sure to visit their channel, subscribe and "do the thang" with the notifications!
I noticed the video posted up with "mi numbre" in the title, so I figured I’d respond live to the video! I haven’t watched the first second of it yet, so I have no idea what the tone of the content is going to be, but I"m assuming it’s gonna have to do with the recent discussion of "upward-bound earth"… Let’s get into it!
Thanks so much to our channel supporters — As always we couldn’t do anything without our FE FAM across the plain old plane! God bless you guys, and thanks for your support!
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Thanks and enjoy!