The Raging Storm

The Raging Storm

Leave my freedoms alone and I’m a most peaceful person. Try to force me to do something against my will and I will defend myself to the death.
Censor my right to freedom of speech and see how loud I can roar.
Give me liberty or give me death because I’d rather die than live under full government control. There was more that I wanted to say but I think those of us that are awake to the tyranny that is occurring today knows exactly what I mean.

I will not apologize for my language because I’ve had enough of the lies we’re been told by the governments and lame stream media from both the left and right side. It’s all the same coin just 2 different sides working for the same outcome.

I do not believe everything I’ve seen about the you know what but I’ve seen enough to know what is coming.

Love , peace and freedom is what we all need but we have to realize sometimes we have to fight for it. I don’t want harm to come to anybody but when you stand in the way of freedom you might just get run the hell over.

If it’s against your free will SAY FUCK NO.