The Matrix Minds w Flat Earth Dave

The Matrix Minds w Flat Earth Dave

Matrix Minds Media.

Matt is a full on globe believer and said Flat Earth was so dumb he was concerned about having me on his show. The idea of a flat stationary earth was almost too far out for him. He said if I really wanted to come on he would let me speak. Hours before the show he started watching some of my interviews and an eyebrow rose. He was a great host and I believe I got him thinking. He brought on a back yard "astronomer" and boy oh boy the theoretical nonsense he spewed got me triggered a bit. Matt the host’s audio was very low and I boosted it in editing so there may be some volume spikes in the show but at least you can hear him speak now.

Here is the original stream with Matt on Camera but there were sound issues with his mic being very low at points.

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