The Desperation of the Globe Earth Proponents!

The Desperation of the Globe Earth Proponents!

Hello all! Sorry, I’ve been a bit under the weather and finally getting back to it. This video was almost done last week and I’ve finally had time to finish it. It simply points out the desperation of the Globe Earth proponents and how wrong they can actually be. This video stems from a Ranty Flat Earth video found here:

Basically, globe earth proponents can never concede a point, even when they are embarrassingly wrong. This video tests that assumption. If they deal honestly, then Reds Rhetoric, Shawn Stuffblurred, FTFE and other globe proponents must admit they have no clue about optics or lenses. But they can’t and won’t ever admit that they are clueless. This is the reason I see no need to converse with any of them at all. Perhaps they will surprise me and admit that they haven’t a clue. Then we can all move forward from there. Enjoy!

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