The “Black” and “White” Boule & Flat Earth | Why Prominent People Stay Silent | Secret Societies

The “Black” and “White” Boule & Flat Earth | Why Prominent People Stay Silent | Secret Societies

Reupload from August 2017.
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“The Psycho-Spiritual Weaponization of Modern Relationships”

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“WOKELIGHTING PT2 – The New Age Agenda/Deception | Infinite Waters Diving Deep (Into a Shallow Pool)”

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“100 Reason Why Neil deGrasse Tyson is Trash | Space Force | The NDT Algorithm”

“100 Reasons Why Joe Rogan is Trash | The Average Joe Algorithm”

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“Psychophysical Hormone Manipulation | Relationships, Attraction, Mind Control, Flat Earth & Agendas”

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“The Dangers of Unactivated Truth | A Message to the Flat Earth & Truther Community [Graphic Lang.]”

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“”A Theory of Everything” | Mandela Effect | CERN | Flat Earth | Futurism | Time | [Evil] Free Will”

“”Many Are Taught To Forget Long Before They Learn To Remember” | Flat Earth & Other Hot Distractions”

“How the World is Played by the Fool | Flat Earth | NWO | Alex Jones | CERN | Scientism | Hollywood”

“PC Truth Culture – The Dangers of a Politically Correct Flat Earth and “Truther” Community”

“The New World Machine | Wrinkle In Time | Flat Earth | Mandela Effect | CERN | Simulation Theory”

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“Psychology of the Matrix | The Real Black Panther Movie”

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“Chronicles of the Western Empire [Full Documentary] | What They Don’t Want You To Know”

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