Praying for life-line & Setting the RECORD Straight

Praying for life-line & Setting the RECORD Straight

This video is a supplement to the live-stream I put up earlier today. A few points were raised in the chat which definitely need to be addressed. When people publicly misrepresent my finances (which ought to be private) I feel it necessary to defend myself and set the record straight, especially since we’re genuinely homeless people who are decent, hard-working and similarly generous whenever it’s within our ability to pay it forward, as they say…
Also, and Mainly — we are homeless, stuck in the hotel trap for a few years now, and need help from our brothers and sisters out there, as we will have to check out tomorrow unless we can come up with a miracle. I hope you enjoy, and God bless you and yours.
Here are the links if there’s anyone out there who is in a position to help and understands the calling that we are genuinely in a terrible bind, and need a miracle daily to stay above the water. God bless and man thanks in advance for your generosity. $themorgile

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