Prayer & Support Request

Prayer & Support Request

Channel update on our situation and prayer request for our friends and family. Feel free to contribute well wishes and prayers our way and towards Daryl and Nathan up in Northern California as their farm is under the threat of the wildfires up there.
If you would like to help out during these trying times please do so whatever you are capable of is a welcome blessing. If you would like me to forward anything towards Daryl or Nathan, please let me know — OF course if you are not in a position to help but would like to send some positive vibes our way that is always welcome. Please keep Mina and I and your thoughts and prayers as our situation is precarious and we do not know how things will turn out on a day-to-day basis. Still, I have faith that The Most High Creator will keep us on the right path.
Feel free to contact me by email which is in the about section of the channel here and many of you already have my phone number.
THanks in advance for all your help and positive vibes. Cheers and blessings!
_——– $themorgile