Poor Little Boogaloo {Hungry with Nothing Coming}

Poor Little Boogaloo {Hungry with Nothing Coming}

So we ran out of dogfood yesterday, and we don’t have any groceries because… Well, We’re living in a hotel room; I can’t exactly prepare food or deep freeze meats or anything, so when the food runs out, it really RUNS OUT!
So, we’re basically all in the same boat here. Starving with nothing to eat. I can tuff it out, but little Lilly doesn’t understand – she thinks I’m holding out, or I forgot about feeding her. It makes me feel terrible, but I’ve got nothing in any of my accounts, so we’re all just gonna have to suffer. Ugh
I’ll be glad when this is over. Keep us in your prayers as we hope to purchase a camper trailer this week. it’s all very uncertain , but hopefully we’ll be out of the hotel by this time next week God-willing.
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