Optical Effects Obscures Our Direct Line Of SIGHT

Optical Effects Obscures Our Direct Line Of SIGHT

I share my observational proofs for those who want to learn from them. You can either use them to learn from or not it’s your decision.
I’m not here to tell people to believe me I’m here mainly to share my observations with those with open minds and eyes to see. The proof is there
for those that have an eye for details. All you have to do is look and do your own comparisons of my observations.
I don’t always have the time to point things out but the reason I film the same areas are for people to make their own comparisons without me.
Take what you can get from them and do what you want but I’m not here for globe defenders to ridicule or insult.
I will delete insulting comments and block those that can’t be civil.
If you are a globe defender that can be civil I’ll let you have a voice but I’m not wasting my time on stupid questions.
I hope this video is helpful to everybody.