ODDcast Episode #4 | ILL-HUMAN-NAUGHTY Card Game

ODDcast Episode #4 | ILL-HUMAN-NAUGHTY Card Game

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This episode, we dive into the Illuminati Card Game as our main theme with much more included with it as always. My other official co-host Kat is back with no more computer or phone issues.
ODD & the Lovely Lady Squad tackle news and topics
considered "controversial" to people that are stupid AF & are easily disturbed by Truth that they should be focused on and passionate about if they cared about their children’s future. The 1st hour is played a bit on the safe side because Scroogle is a pussified pansy platform, but things get more interesting on hour two, which is EXCLuSiVE on RoKFiN and completely UNCeNSoReD
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