O.D.D TV | Doesn’t Have to Be this Way (TRUTH MUSIC) ▶️️

O.D.D TV | Doesn’t Have to Be this Way (TRUTH MUSIC) ▶️️

Written and Produced by ODD TV
Performed by ODD TV and Anonymous Guest

The Instrumental was created from scratch in the likeness of “Enya – Boadicea” which appeared on the Stephen King film ‘Sleepwalkers’. Later on (hip hop group) The Fugees sampled the instrumental for their hit song ‘Ready or Not’. Years later, the smaple was used, yet again’ in the Mario Winans song ‘I don’t Wanna Know’. I’ve always loved this melody and that’s because of Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers movie.

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I just want to live and dream
but nothing is as what it seems
baby, it’s making me crazy
I just want to fight and scream
There’s nothing left for me to say
Fear tries to defeat the day
I know that, I can control it
So it doesn’t have to be this way

verse 01:
I’m really sick of living stuck and trapped in the system
you’re just a brick in the wall and I got my back up against it
I represent the resistance, they want me back up in prison
but I am the master of my path and I won’t slack on my mission
you’re lackin’ the vision, so I’m just gonna cut to the chase
they hide the truth in plain view right in front of your face
I used to think the world was normal, but that wasn’t the case
we’re just some goyim on a hamster wheel runnin’ in place
turn up the bass, I grab the microphone and all I do is rock it
this little light of mine, I let it shine and you can’t stop it
but there’s nothin’ these corporations just won’t do for profit
this fake a$$ world that we live in is sick, it’s truly toxic
if you don’t see it that way, okay then keep talkin’
don’t bump into the wall while you’re sleepwalkin’
the alarm is goin’ off I hear it beep often
I’m at the double doors of truth, I’m gonna keep knockin’

verse 02:
I refuse to just quietly into the night
there’s forces of darkness at work and they’re restrictin’ the light
I’m so fed up with the lies they tell us, this isn’t right
It’s O.D.D TV, ya best believe I’ll get up and fight
this is my plight, I’ll never let you cowards get the best of me
took the red pill, now it’s time to fulfill my destiny
livin’ like I’m Neo, dippin’ from my P.O
trippin’ on me ‘cause I am the one and he’s a zero
hot like a jalapeno, bringin’ heat that you just can’t avoid
I call out bull$h!t and lies, they call me paranoid
people are just foolish, full of hate they get angry
point out the truth about reality, they label you crazy
just a glitch in the system, you’re a critical thinker
and no, they don’t want that, f**k ‘em, give ‘em the finger
I do it every single day with each and everything I say
I’m not livin’ like a victim, it doesn’t have to be this way


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