Need Answers From Convex Earth Informant Bilu

Need Answers From Convex Earth Informant Bilu

?Well, next Sunday on Globebusters it will be interesting as joining us for the show will be UFO otherwise known as Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira and/or other members of Ziggarauts. We have now realized that he can make plates shatter as well as he talks to Bilu. If you haven’t seen Bilu yet, you are in for a treat:

So, I have seen enough at this point to know that I have WAY too many questions that need answers before I allow their video to remain on my channel. So, for now. I question all their findings since in my estimation, Bilu is not an alien and UFO did not shatter a plate and so I challenge him and his 3000 person research crew to prove me wrong. Invite me down to meet Bilu or see this plate shattering. In fact, maybe he can do it live on Globebusters.

Until then… believe what you want. Or bilu in who you want.



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