[Movie Review] Operation Avalanche ( 2016 ) by Mr. Drobot

[Movie Review] Operation Avalanche ( 2016 ) by Mr. Drobot

by Mr. Drobot

Have you seen Operation Avalanche? It’s a VICE & Lionsgate film from 2016 that’s been lightly promoted and found now on various platforms including Amazon Video for a whopping $9.99 (HD). Here’s a taste of the plot to let you know why I personally think you should at least check out the trailer if not the whole flick.

It features a buddy duo in 1965 that are in the CIA and tasked with the mission to become “moles” within NASA in order to identify potential foreign moles by disguising themselves as a documentary film crew.
After much hesitance from their superiors due to their lack of experience, they are greenlit and surprisingly warmly welcomed into NASA headquarters. While there, they realize most of the employees have empty positions and are patiently on hold until the upcoming landing of the moon. During this time, the competition between Russia and U.S.A. to land a rocket on the moon and back seems to be the only thing to bring about respect and peace on Earth.

After tapping NASA’s calls, one night they listen to a very important call where it’s revealed that a bad lander was created for the Apollo rocket and that the Americans can’t land on the moon. Revealing this information to a superior causes the dynamic duo to be dropped immediately from Operation Zipper.