“Many Are Taught To Forget Long Before They Learn To Remember” | Flat Earth & Other Hot Distractions

“Many Are Taught To Forget Long Before They Learn To Remember” | Flat Earth & Other Hot Distractions

“”A Theory of Everything” | Mandela Effect | CERN | Flat Earth | Futurism | Time | [Evil] Free Will”

“How the World is Played by the Fool | Flat Earth | NWO | Alex Jones | CERN | Scientism | Hollywood”

“PC Truth Culture – The Dangers of a Politically Correct Flat Earth and “Truther” Community”

“What I Learned About the Flat Earth Community From the Convex Earth Alien Agenda Debacle”

“Kindergarten Consciousness – Spiritual Colonialism | Flat Earth & New Age Gatekeepers | NWO”

“Poaching Humanity | NWO – New Wetiko Order | Flat Earth & The Dangers of Half Truth”

“The Wetiko Agenda – A Psycho-Spiritual Analysis of the NWO, Evil, Heliocentrism & Flat Earth”

“A Message to Flat Earth & “Truthers” | The Fall of Humanity & The 2nd Biggest Deception Ever”

“The Castration of Humanity – “Beta Blockers” | NWO | Flat Earth | New Age Agenda | Movements”

“The Weaponization of Truth | Flat Earth | NWO | Movements | Feminism | Cryptocurrency | Gun Control”

“A Wrinkle In Time – Movie Review | Hollywood, Political & New Age Mind Control | Dreams | Flat Earth”

“The New World Machine | Wrinkle In Time | Flat Earth | Mandela Effect | CERN | Simulation Theory”

“How Flat Earth Connects to Human Cloning | B.o.B | Alex Jones | “Moon” Movie Review | A.I. | CERN”

“Flat Earth – Elephants in the Room | The Zeitgeist of Modern Society”

“How to Rule the World 101 | Censorship | Flat Earth | NWO | CERN | Simulation Theory”

“Black Panther Movie Review – What is the Marvel Universe? | Flat Earth & Hollywood Mind Control”

“Pillars of a Hidden Ideology | What REALLY Happened to America?”

“How & Why Things Don’t Change | Black Panther Movie | Kyrie Irving | Saviors | Flat Earth | SpaceX”

“What Are “They” Doing? | SpaceX | CERN | Aliens | Simulation Theory | Flat Earth | Quantum Physics”

“Simulation Theory – Where Atheism Meets New God & Aliens | CERN | SpaceX | Flat Earth”

“Flat Earth & The Sensory Universe | How the Matrix Evolves Through the Individual Experience”

“The Plague of Modernism – Synthetic God Consciousness | Flat Earth & Modern Society”

“The Alchemy Behind A Theoretical Universe (Flat Earth) | Overstimulation, Desensitization & Chaos”

“Psychology of the Matrix | The Real Black Panther Movie”

Subtle Infinity Soundcloud:

“The War on Every Man, Woman & Child | Flat Earth & New World Mind Control”

“The Western Protagonist – How to Enslave a World | Flat Earth | Black Mirror”

“Chronicles of the Western Empire [Full Documentary] | What They Don’t Want You To Know”

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