Huge Cell Service Outage Across US, ALL Major Carriers Report Issues Nationwide!

Huge Cell Service Outage Across US, ALL Major Carriers Report Issues Nationwide!

– Over 70,000 AT&T customers across the United States reported cellular outages on Thursday morning, according to Downdetector. Thousands of AT&T customers reported that their phones displayed “SOS” in the status bar, indicating they had no service but could still make emergency calls. It’s currently unknown what the cause of the outage is.

“We are aware of an outage currently impacting our Mobility users and are working to resolve it ASAP,” said AT&T in a banner on its community forum.

“I would like to thank you for your patience while our systems are undergoing planned maintenance/being optimized for performance,” said AT&T’s Help account on X in response to a customer reporting an outage Thursday morning. “We don’t have an estimated time frame,” said the help account in response to another customer.

Customers of other major U.S. carriers also reported outages in fewer numbers on Thursday morning. These include Cricket Mobile with over 10,000 outages, Verizon with over 4,000, and T-Mobile with over 1,900. FirstNet, a network for first responders powered by AT&T, also appeared to be having outages, first reported by The Verge. It’s unclear what the connection is at this time.

Downdetector shows that most AT&T’s outage reports came from Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, San Antonio, Charlotte, Dallas, Indianapolis, and New York City. Wifi services from AT&T appeared to be largely unaffected by the service disruption. #breaking #News #Outage #ATTOutage #CellOutage

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