Former NASA Official Confession… another brave whistleblower steps forward!

Dr. Keith Smith (pseudonym / fake name), former NASA Chief Engineer from 2012-2019 reveals how he helped maintain the globe conspiracy, keeping the earth’s true shape from the people. He oversaw the construction of satellites and other technology that he knew would never reach space, (as it doesn’t exist) so these expensive materials were eventually rocketed off only to land in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bermuda Triangle. He says the floor of the ocean there is littered with rocket debris. He points out that NASA’s true purpose is to maintain the Globe lie and thus “keep civilization intact” as he was told. He says NASA’s ideology is that, (much like the mouse experiments and the “findings”, ie. “made up stories” of the Brookings Institute), that if mankind knew that God was real, that they’re accountable for their behavior and are somewhat “trapped” in an enclosed system, that some people might become highly anxious, lose hope, or go mad with anarchic and destructive behavior until it brought about the end of all civilization. Of course we know this wouldn’t happen, (we would return to God and it would be great) but it may have seemed like a plausible scenario to those who are still brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe things like: Christians are crazy backward stupid and anti-science… or other certain mainstream lies like overpopulation, dwindling resources, that the earth can’t sustain people, and that people (the useless eaters) need to be kept in check and put under a false scarcity economy.
Apparently NASA was able to convince people that the “No God Globe model” somehow kept people’s spirits higher, believing there are other planets and systems that humans could inhabit…
However, we know that in doing so he was helping to hide the truth of God’s creation. Thankfully he has recently changed his mind, realized the error of his ways and has now come forward confessing what he was told by his superiors at NASA: that the earth is indeed flat and enclosed.

As mentioned in the video I’ve received a few of these letters now, if more come in I will continue to show them. Thank you to everyone who has ever watched conspiracy vids and questioned the narrative… You have all done incredible work and together we’ve contributed to something greater than ourselves. Already, millions have awoken from a deep sleep, and many millions or possibly even (eventually) billions of more souls may be saved or helped.
Thank you everyone! I can’t thank you enough!
Much more to come.
Thank you for watching.
God bless you.