Flat Earth The Hidden Truth Part 1

Flat Earth The Hidden Truth Part 1

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This power plant is 27.6 miles away.
Some of the pictures were enhanced and ran through some filters but the original was also shown. Some of the wording I used is a bit off but hopefully in the next part I’ll put it more into perspective.
If something isn’t visible your camera can’t have an optical effect on that object. In other words if it’s not in your line of sight no optical effect can occur.
There is no magical forces pulling anything up from behind anything unless you use trickery like using butane to cause a visual effect. Our air isn’t made up of butane and if it were none of us would exist.
Part 2 is going to take some time to put together because I’m not good at editing my observations but even if it turns out to be long it’ll be well worth watching and learning from.
Thanks for watching.