FLAT EARTH PROOF 1 – THE LEVEL – Zetetic Flat Earth

FLAT EARTH PROOF 1 – THE LEVEL – Zetetic Flat Earth

WELCOME! This is the first episode out of 29 Flat Earth Proofs. Hope you’ll like them all. Please go to my Playlist and then all the videos will start automatically for you, one by one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqle2cSHWAM&list=PLMvBLyJEynhVbSDAhbA1FtXjBCdiHvH0i
For me personally, number one proof for the level is the locks in the canals, water always finds its level and that’s the fact.
Music: Baroque Coffee House (no copy right)- Doug Maxwell
Waltz of the Flowers (no copy right) – Tchaikovsky
Chinese Music – Free to use (no copy right)

I’m not the author of these videos however I had to edit them slightly and remove some of the copyr*ghted songs. So if you hear some weird sounds (noises) in the background, please ignore them, they are just remainings of the old songs and I wasn’t able to extract just the voice entirely.

Please note, I will be uploading all or most of my videos to BITCHUTE little by little because YouTube is censoring too many Flat Earth videos and they block many videos I post here. And quite frankly I have enough. They even cop*y*ight my old videos from several years ago because of some music and unappropriate content that "doesn’t comply with their guidelines" (meaning the official narrative they feed us at schools and MSM globe earth agenda) and they block them or remove them completely…. So, how can you win with someone who’s not playing fair? You have to change the arena. 🙂
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