Flat Earth – MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT -Scientific Paper Repository For All

Flat Earth – MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT -Scientific Paper Repository For All

I will be developing a repository for scientific papers to have a place to be submitted, indexed, searchable and available without comment to the people of the world to access at any time. I feel it is time that WE the People have REAL science published and ot covered-up by the evil rulers of this world. Also, my financial situation has stabilized. I will no longer ask for donations (and will stop as many as I can as soon as possible from coming-in – if you ARE a donator to this channel, please now cancel your monthly donations. I can’t thank you enough for what good you have done in my life! May God bless each and every one of you 70X70 fold!

I also speak of my future with videos where I will now begin to incorporate other lines of truth into my channel.

I will be live (hangout) with the Sun and moon Group on Monday 19 November. Please see that channel link for more details here:


My complete FE Conference presentation is presented here:
(If I find the Q&A session, I will post it on my channel as well (the link)

Website:matrixbusting.com – subscribe there for exciting updates as the site transforms into a scientific repository.

Twitter: #MrThriveSurvive (no ‘and’)

,FLat Earth 2018 Conference Info: fe2018.com