Flat Earth is Jericho *Video and images added*

Flat Earth is Jericho   *Video and images added*

Have you considered that the Earth might be flat? If so, #DavidWeiss will blow your mind on #TalkIsJericho NOW! #FlatEarther Weiss gives all of the evidence that he believes proves that we live on a flat surface and not a ball as we’re taught in school. The host of #theflatearthpodcast uses science and research to debunk long-held beliefs about the globe Planet Earth, including solar eclipses, the gravitational pull of the moon on tides, airplane flight paths, false @NASA images, the firmament, the curve of the horizon, and “predictive programming”’like the time @hulkhogan & #RandySavage predicted the fall of the #TwinTowers! He also explains why #FlatEarth is not accepted by the mainstream, and why more prominent leaders and celebrities are reluctant to publicly support it, the mysterious edge of the world in #Antarctica, the #satanicgovernment and more on @itunes & @applepodcasts NOW! (Graphic by @97abdulmalik) Talk is Jericho on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/talk-is-jericho/id767016946?mt=2