First Hand Accounts Of Patagonian Giants (Pt 1)

First Hand Accounts Of Patagonian Giants (Pt 1)

First hand, primary source material accounts of many of the explorers who saw giants in the areas around Patagonia and South America. These accounts have rarely been made public over the years and are exceedingly rare. The next piece I’m making has much more incredible events but I can’t give away the details for various reasons.

Describing the heights of the Giants they sometimes use the term "span", which is the length between the tip of the thumb and the tip of the little finger.

During the research phase I’ve compiled a large amount of data and photos on this subject so I’ve included some bonus materials at the end. These cover more explorers trips, California, a trip up the La Plata River and the site of a vid creator named "Seeing Is Believing – The Rocks Were Alive" from ytube and Instagram. Check out his stuff and let him know I sent you. Here’s a link to his site on ytube. …

I must apologize, I had even more incredible pics but they were lost when my computer crashed. Hopefully I can recover some for the next piece as they’re certainly worth viewing. The pics used are from the ships artists who precisely, almost photographically, recorded what they saw in order to relate this intel to their respective Kings.

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