Diamonds 4 Dimes / (“Nexus 4 Breakfusses”) (FIRSTXDRAFT / POCon)

Diamonds 4 Dimes / (“Nexus 4 Breakfusses”)  (FIRSTXDRAFT / POCon)

The Experiment or whatevwer.. Lyrics added and corrected, duh….

"Diamons 4 Dimes /("Nexus 4 Breakfusses")
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Diamons 4 Dimes /(Nexus 4 Breakfusses)
Diamonds 4 dimes when they show up at breakfusses
Dimes cum & Dimes come & Diams cumm & Sexes Us
Dimes cum & sex us 4 breakfast 4 Breakfusses
Diamonds 4 dimes when they show up at breakfusses

Dimes come & sex us yes even in Texases
Dimes come & Sex us sometimes in these lexuses
Mexican Dimes come n sex us at texacos
Flex on these dimes & bring diamonds to nexuses
Neckties on zillions & dances w/ Cicilians

Dimes cum & sexus n rhymes that perplexes us
Rubix on cubeses n dubees w/ Danksusses
Blinded by XTC ‘minded of kidney beans
Kitties w/ catty nips, kidnap ya’ gangsta’ chips

Catnap from chronic blunts
evil kneivil on rhymes as I jump them stunts
stuntin’ on bammas w/ pistols in pockets, too
bumpin Tupac while I picture Him rollin’ too

Frontin’ pajamas w/ Pistols out by my side
Bammas be runnin’ when I bust out astroglide
Tanners be stretchin’ their skins for my bullet straps
Hammers be strikin’ them nuts if I catch a snitch

Kool-Aid be mixin’ them jammers 4 dry-wall work,
Tru-fam be rockin’ the mixes while misses work
Bust shots? Don’t miss us or we’ll ressurect on ya’
crawlin’ out graves w/ erections & Bullet Straps

Diamonds 4 dimes when they show up at breakfusses
Diamonds 4 dimes when they show up to hear these raps…
Dimes cum n sex us while we eatin’ breakfusses
Limey’s drink tea w/ the Queen of the Antsusses
Blimey, that bloke’ flow is so fuckin’ dangerous
Spider-web caught your whole crew back in Charlotteses

Tried to get caught but it blew back on your shit
tried to get lost but I stole all your compasses
Treasure map always tatood on my bitches lips
Pleasure when fools try to skate from my Trizzle Trap

Never come short if I front you a half-a-bag
Heaven will sneak up on you if I see your ass
Clever as trevor, Invented the dummy rocks
I’ll drop a dime on my dime who do Murder work

Murderin’ work like a vato trabajo’in
Gringo be primo be mondo be poisoness
We’ll go one-on-one like mano-e-mano style
Or bring them guns like a sniper from half a mile

Or send out drones from the back of my viper’ whip
Never alone when rockin the eye in the sky onna sniper tip
spiders aint got shit on bullfrogs with gangsta lips
Titans aint got shit on crack-heads with cracken-tips

Crackin’ them whips on them cowards with badgessus
Workin’ them hips Ivory towers w/ lozenges
Snippen’ them buds w/ my Man DARYL DAVIS-us
Tippen like thugs after signin’ contract-susses
Dimes cum and dimes cum and dimes cum and SEXUS-us
Growin’ them poppies like fuckin tomatos
Slangin’ them rocks like hail in tornadoes
Passin’ up crank like man sam I am always does
passin’ out drivin’ from too many whippet-sus

Switchin’ 4 lanes in my big-body hummer truck
Mention my name every time you get gangsta-drunk
Name out your mouth If you talkin’ 2 crackers boy
Shame on your clout for jay-walkin’ in my hood, boy

Same as before just sky walking like lil’ troy
Ballin’ in Cadillacs, floatin’ thru gangsta traps
Never sold out but I did take a bribe (or two)
Trappin’ trap-houses like steal traps on Mouses

Stealin’ your traps like a goon in a candy store
Meals before naps after weed and a snack or 4
Weed between naps after lunch before breakfusses
Deed to your traps, Hundred bands for your Partner’ Head

Need to sell "crack" like the blood in my fuckin’ veins
Need lotsa diems to cook up while I’m snug in bed
Seedin’ my rhymes Like my man Johnny AppleSeed
Scorin’ them Poppies while I gather opiods

Whorin’ analogies times lotsa felonies
Criminal Logically skatin with all your trees
kitty familiar to watch from high in the trees
How many dimes do I need seven days a week?

All kinds of dimes multiplied by the bottom lines

How many dimes do I need seven days a week?
All kinds of dimes multiplied by the bottom lines

How many dimes do I need seven days a week?
All kinds of dimes multiplied by the bottom lines